Father’s Day 2019 Gift Idea – Photo Puzzle

This Father’s Day makes Dad a gift that’s ‘some assembly required’!! After he puts this photo puzzle together, he’ll have a keepsake that he can frame and keep, or take apart to do over and over.

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Idea

First, you’ll need to take the photo or pick out one you already have. You want a good close shot of the kids’ faces, with enough detail that it won’t get fuzzy when it’s enlarged. Try to find one of the kids and Dad together having fun.

Take your photo or negative to your local photo centre to have it enlarged. You’ll want it to be at least 8 inches by 10 inches, and you can go larger if you want to. Most photo shops will do this while you wait, by some may need a day or so, so make sure you start this project early.

Next, you’ll need to attach your photo to a stiff backing. You can get fancy and pick out an expensive craft board for this, or you can open up a cereal box and use the lightweight cardboard from it. Just cut it to the same size as your picture.

Use photo-safe craft glue to attach the cardboard to your photograph. (Check the scrapbooking area of the store to find photo-safe glue.) Use a soft cloth to wipe over your photo while the glue is still wet. You want to squeeze out any bubbles, so it will dry nice and smooth. Let it dry thoroughly, (probably overnight) before going on.

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Idea

Father’s Day 2019 Gift Idea

Once it’s dry, you can use a sharp craft knife to cut out the puzzle pieces. Push the point straight down, and cut slowly so that you keep good control over the knife. If you’re doing this project with small children, it’s better for them to point out where they want the cuts, but have an adult do the actual cutting for them. Be sure to put a cutting board under your work surface!

You can cut traditional ‘jigsaw’ shapes, or use any other shape you like. Just be sure to not make the pieces too similar to each other, or else it may be very hard to put together.

Put all the pieces into a box for Dad, with a smaller picture (maybe 4″ by 6″) glued on top to show how it should look finished. (Or, if you want to make it harder, DON’T put a finished photo on top!)

Think about making this gift a Father’s Day Tradition. You could use a current picture each year so that dad will get a series of photos that show his family growing up.

Happy Father’s 2018 Day!